Sublimation Paper| Crafting Besties ®| 11x17

Sublimation Paper| Crafting Besties ®| 11x17

Crafting Besties


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Sublimation Paper| Crafting Besties ®

"It's the INK RELEASE for me!


NEW packaging valentines release

Crafting Besties is so excited to bring you the #1 Sublimation Paper in the crafting community.  Our sublimation paper is like NO other, The best sublimation paper on the market . This Sublimation  paper has the best ink release ever and has been fully tested to ensure we meet your needs .You will receive the  following benefits over the average papers on the market to save you not only time & money but a piece of mind knowing you will get your moneys worth ...!!

With Crafting Besties sublimation paper we ensure the following :

  • 99% ink release with crafting besties sublimation paper at temps on average 20 degrees lower (380-385) which makes it great for the Original Cricut Easy Press.
  • 99% ink release with our sublimation paper~ release at  1.5 times faster then the leading brands (40-45secs)
  • No bleeding with our sublimation paper 
  • Fast Drying with crafting besties sublimation paper when printing from most Epson, Epson Eco tank and Sawgrass printers.

We offer different sizes to fit the needs of your sublimation projects:

SAMPLE PACK (20 Sheets)

8.5x11 Sublimation Paper

8.5x14 Sublimation Paper

11x17 Sublimation Paper 

13x19 Sublimation Paper

Besties Bundle: 8.5x11 + 11x17 + 13x19

Thank you for letting our small business grow yours . Crafting Besties Sublimation Paper ®

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Luz Vargas
Best paper ever

Best sublimation paper I’ve ever used, I’ve never had any issues with it and the customer service is always amazing!

Lisa Austin
Best paper every

I love crafting besties paper. Best I've used for sublimation...its the ink release for me😁

Renyaie Daniel
Pure Awesomeness

Crafting Besties paper is the best!! It’s the ink release for me!!.

Bes Tees
It's the color release!

I have done many side by side comparisons from the same printer and Crafting Besties Sublimation Paper is THE BEST! Colors are brighter and vivid.

Loretta Perez
Sublimation Paper| Crafting Besties 11x17

Once order arrived in stock. Very fast ship. Colors come out bright and clear. Love the paper.

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