Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ®

Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE
Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE
Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE
Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE
Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE
Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ® SALE

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Transfer Paper| Crafting Besties ®

For use with any INKJET printer. Regular or Pigment Ink.  Ensure to cover image with enclosed parchment paper in package or Teflon sheet.


Inkjet/Pigment Ink - Light 165℃ / 329°F 25seconds
Inkjet/Pigment Ink - Dark 180℃ / 356°F 15second

Design. Print. Iron and Enjoy. Share your creativity and print your designs on t-shirts, bags, pillows, totes, hats, aprons, fabrics and more.

  • Highest quality transfers with excellent wash durability. Our patented technology is used by both professionals and amateurs.
  • Works with all standard inkjet printers. Also works with laser jet printers, cutters and die cutting machines.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Heat transfer sheets are great for: T-shirts & Apparel

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Melissa Gonzalez
CB Transfer Paper

It took forever to finally see the transfer paper in stock and when it became available I was soooo excited to order it.! I order 12 packs. When it arrived it arrived in a flat brown box but looked like a huge envelope as it was just taped shut at the top. I didnt bother opening it because I had had surgery and knew I wasn't going to use it just yet as I was still recovering. Last week I finally picked up the box/envelope only to find that it was already open and there was only (1) 11 x 17 pack. I spent about $300 and only received 1 pk. I don't know if in transit it came open or what but I was disappointed that it was not packaged better and all that money went to waste.

Demetria Williams
Sublimation Paper

I love this paper and the ink release is amazing.

Davonne Matthews
Life Changer

Well, I joined the Crafting Besties Academy because after being in their Facebook group, I felt the community was extremely supportive of EVERYTHING...for free too! Currently I decided to take my hobby a step further and I CRIED! The Academy rocked my world. They are selfless and kind. They are a diverse group age and ethnicity of folks who only want to see YOU WIN! Since becoming a part of the BEEHIVE, my sales have increased by 20% in 3 months! I thank God for Sue and Sasha and I pray their vision continues to manifest through the community. #CBA #thehive

Tamara Skipski
Best paper both sublimation and transfer paper

I use all CB papers vinyl & sublimation & it's the truth! I ordered 8pks so I won't run out! Ty ❤!

tawana price
customer service

I received my transfer and sublimation paper in a timely manner with no issues. I received immediate responses and updates on my product. I also received my honey comb necklace and bee. I am new to sublimation and heat transfer and can't wait to sign up for the classes to learn more. Sasha and Sue you rock your craft and thanks for sharing.

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